Corporate Connections is a unique CMCP opportunity for in-house attorneys and outside counsel to meet for focused 15-minute interviews, and begin to establish or strengthen an already existing relationship

Who Can Participate in Corporate Connections?

Law Firm Attorneys:  To participate in Corporate Connections, law firm attorneys must either (a) be employed by a CMCP member law firm, or (b) join CMCP as an individual member, in either case with current year annual dues paid in full prior to the close of conference registration.  To join CMCP or to inquire about a law firm’s current membership status, contact CMCP at 415-782-8990 or via email to [email protected].

Please note: our in-house Corporate Connections partners sign up to help us fulfill CMCP’s goal of providing attorneys of color with access to in-house counsel for business development. Please keep the purpose of and intent behind Corporate Connections in mind when registering attorneys to participate in the program. Please contact CMCP’s Executive Director with any questions.

In-House Counsel:
  All in-house attorneys in companies and public agencies, whether or not in CMCP member organizations, are eligible to participate in Corporate Connections as long as (a) CMCP receives the attorney’s fully completed registration form prior to the In-House Corporate Connections registration close date, and (b) CMCP expressly confirms the attorney’s participation after reviewing his/her registration and determining that CMCP has sufficient interview space and interviewees in the practice areas selected, and has not already filled all the interview tables allocated to the attorney’s company or public agency.

2018 Corporate Participants

Partial list. Additional companies will be added as CMCP receives registrations., Inc. Apple
Bank of America Bank of the West
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Chevron Corporation
Children’s Hospital of Orange County Dropbox
eBay Inc. Facebook
Fair GitHub, Inc.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Honda North America, Inc.
HP Inc. Hulu
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. McKesson Corporation
MUFG Union Bank, N.A. NETGEAR, Inc.
Oakland City Attorney’s Office Oracle
PayPal PG&E Corporation
Robert Half Southern California Edison Company
Southern California Gas Company Snap, Inc.
Square, Inc. Tesla, Inc.
The Aerospace Corporation Twenty-First Century Fox
Uber Technologies Inc. University of California
Visa Inc. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Wells Fargo Zynga, Inc.

Corporate Connections Practice Areas

Be sure to include all relevant practice areas when registering for your interviews

Make Corporate Connections Work for You

Read CMCP’s guidelines and expectations for you and those with whom you will interview

Outside Counsel

Ten Commandments for Successful Corporate Connections

Your registration for Corporate Connections is your commitment to attend. The in-house attorneys with whom you are assigned interviews are giving their time to meet with you.

Your interviews will be 15 minutes only if you start on time.

Prepare a brief elevator pitch about your firm and your personal expertise and skill sets relevant to the interview practice areas – the 2-3 minute version. Practice before the conference.

Prior to the conference, learn everything you can about the companies you are interviewing with. Don’t waste 15 minutes asking questions you can answer with a quick Google search.

Or they will be if you come prepared. Develop specific questions geared to find out where your expertise fits the company’s legal needs. Think about the questions you are likely to be asked, and prepare a short response for each.

Come prepared to discuss and give specific examples of the legal work you do, and the services your firm provides, focusing on how their relevance to the company you are interviewing with.

Bring firm resumes, attorney biographies – especially yours – and other relevant marketing materials to your interviews

This is the CMCP Annual Business Conference!
In-house attorneys expect to meet minority attorneys with expertise in your interview practice areas.

Recognize the opportunity for what it is – an introductory meeting, a chance to meet and begin developing a relationship. It may be the start of a beautiful friendship… and perhaps a business opportunity.

The key to success is in appropriate follow-up. What is appropriate for one interviewer may not be for another. Ask each interviewer how best to follow up with them. Listen to the answer. Do what they say.

If you cannot attend Corporate Connections, let CMCP know immediately so we can reassign your interviews.If you miss an assigned interview without notice, CMCP may give away your remaining interviews.

In-House Counsel

Seven Steps to Successful Corporate Connections

Your registration for Corporate Connections is your commitment to attend. The attorneys with whom you are assigned interviews are taking their time to meet with you.

Interviews are 15 minutes. Please give your interviewees the full time allotted.

Prepare a brief elevator pitch about your company and its specific legal needs relevant to the interview practice areas – the 2‐3 minute version. Give those interviewing time to speak.

Prior to the conference, learn everything you can about your company’s legal needs generally, and specifically with respect to your interview practice areas.

Or they will be if you come prepared. Develop specific questions geared to find out where outside counsel’s expertise fits your company’s legal needs. Think about the questions you are likely to be asked, and prepare a short response for each.

ALWAYS! If you know an interviewee is not a good match for your company, tell him/her the truth. It is better to be honest than to waste someone’s time after the conference with follow-up that you ignore.

Tell those who are potential candidates for your company’s work how best to follow up with you. And then respond when they do.

If an emergency arises and you cannot attend, please arrange for another attorney from your company to take your interviews – and tell CMCP immediately about the change.If you miss a scheduled interview without sending a replacement, CMCP will give your contact information to the attorney(s) with whom you were scheduled to meet so that you can schedule a post- conference meeting.

Corporate Connections Matching

CMCP cannot guarantee that an attorney who registers for the conference and to participate in Corporate Connections will have scheduled interviews.  Factors that affect interview scheduling include (a) the practice areas and other interview parameters specified by each registrant, (b) potential conflicts of interest, and (c) each registrant’s “Do Not Match” list.Registration fees will not be refunded if an attorney has no scheduled Corporate Connections interviews or for any reason cannot meet with a scheduled company or firm.  Remember – Corporate Connections is just one of many ways in which connections are made and relationships are built at the CMCP Annual Business Conference.CMCP will send complete interview information to those registered for Corporate Connections as soon as feasible after registration closes.  If interview slots become available after notification, they will be filled on-site at the conference.And a special note for CMCP’s Law Firm participants…CMCP assigns Corporate Connections interviews on a law firm (not individual attorney) basis.  Each firm is responsible for designating the individual(s) or team to attend scheduled interviews.  In making that decision, remember that:

  • Every attorney who attends Corporate Connections interviews must be registered for the full conference.
  • Interviews are only 15 minutes.  Attorneys representing the firm should be well prepared and able to discuss concisely the relevant practice area.
  • Interviewers generally expect to meet with attorneys of color with expertise in the designated interview practice areas.

Do Not Match Requests:  CMCP understands there may be companies, public agencies or law firms with which an organization cannot meet due to conflicts or other reasons. On August 29, 2018, we will send each attorney registered for Corporate Connections a list of law firms or companies/public agencies then registered so you can let us know if there is any firm or company/public agency with which you cannot interview.  (Note:  only one response is required from each company/agency/firm—not from each attorney.)  Responses will be due at close of business on September 7, 2018 – so mark your calendar.


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