Now that you’ve signed up to be a Conference Buddy or Newbie at the CMCP 29th Annual Business Conference, here are the next steps…

Attend the Opening Plenary and GC Panel
(Thursday Morning, 9-10:30am in the Gold Ballroom on the Lobby Level)
Although the Buddy/Newbie pairings won’t have happened just yet, look for Buddies and Newbies via the name badges (Buddy Badges will show “Conference Buddy” and Newbie Badges will show “First Time Attendee.”)

Conference Buddy Connect
(Thursday Morning, 10:45am-11:45am in the Sunset Court on the Second Level – look for the Disco Ball)

Christina Lincoln of Robins Kaplan LLP and George Schell of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council will lead a gathering of newbies and buddies in our own area of the Sunset Court.  Look for the disco ball!  This is the opportunity to pair up.  The ratio will be two Newbies to one Buddy.  Please pair up as appropriate.  Buddies and Newbies can also connect during the Thursday afternoon break from 3:15-3:45pm (see below).

Thursday Lunches (12-1:30pm)
Depending on which of the two Thursday lunches each Buddy and Newbie has signed up for (No Bosses or Bosses Only) you may or may not end up in the same lunch session together. This is okay as you can plan to re-connect for one of the afternoon breakout sessions.

Thursday Afternoon Breakout Sessions (1:45-5:00pm)
We encourage you to attend at least one of the Thursday afternoon breakout sessions with your Buddy/Newbies. Check out the conference agenda and coordinate:

Second Chance Conference Buddy Connect (Thursday Afternoon, 3:15-3:45pm in the Sunset Court on the Second Level – look for the Disco Ball)
For those Buddies/Newbies who didn’t make it to the morning introductions, you get one more chance during the afternoon break. Buddies who may be feeling energetic, go ahead and meet additional Newbies during the afternoon break even if you did so in the morning.

The General Counsel Reception (Thursday, 5pm-7pm)
This is a great place for Buddies to introduce Newbies to other conference attendees.

The Recognition Lunch (Friday, 12:20-2:00pm)
Have lunch with your Buddy/Newbies and get to know each other better during the Recognition Lunch.  It’s a good opportunity for Newbies to ask questions and Buddies can offer personalized advice.

And don’t forget to download the CMCP2018 Mobile App for all the conference information at your fingertips.  Check it out here and download the app to your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  1. Download EventMobi app.
  2. After you open the app, enter the code: CMCP2018.

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